Elementary Students
(Grade 1 to 5)

Virtual After School Program

Our After School Program uses screen share technology through Google Classroom. Students work face-to-face with their teachers, who bring their unique classroom experience to virtual learning. With a strong focus on English, Math and French, our teachers employ their interpersonal communication skills to make online learning engaging, interactive and guarantee results!



Safe, Engaging and Interactive

How Our Program Works



Students use our school domain to enter Google Classroom and engage with their teachers through a private link, emailed daily.


We cater to your child’s need and work hard to create personalized lesson plans to help strengthen their fundamentals in English and Math.


Our teachers are comfortable using the online platform as their primary classroom. With an array of resources at their fingertips, our teachers find the best way to help your child learn.



Our teachers are punctual and ensure that all student material has been received prior to class. 


None of sessions are pre-recorded. Our teachers work directly with their students.


All of our resources are digitized and created in accordance to the Ontario Curriculum.

Fully Trained Teacher for Virtual Learning

Instructional Hours

1 HR Session between 3PM – 7PM (EST)

Tuition Fees
(1-3 Days/Week)


Tuition Fees
(3-5 Days/Week)



Our After School Program is now open for student enrollment!Our online survey will help determine the student’s grade, student availability and the required subjects. Using this finding, we will conduct the After School Program to help your child overcome their academic challenges.

Little Oranges begins school with Pre-K and then continues elementary school through Grade 5. Our online program is based on the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum. All our teachers are Early Childhood Educators (ECE certified) and Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT).

Little Oranges provides basic French instruction to all Grades. Our teachers will communicate with their students in French on a daily basis, promoting a strong foundation and fluency.

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