Schooling from home

Five tips to help parents and children navigate through online schooling.

Have a consistent routine

– Parents and children both feel less stressed when there is a structure and routine in place.

– Put up the online school schedule. Everyone will feel more comfortable when they know what is on the agenda for the day.

Praise their efforts!

– Online learning is a HUGE adjustment. Let your child know that you acknowledge their struggles and efforts as they adapt to this change.

– As a parent, you’re doing everything you can to help your child achieve his/her learning goals. You are bound to have some good days and some bad days, so take a deep breath and take it one day at a time.

Practice patience and empathy.

– Check in with your teachers and communicate with them.

It’s normal to feel overworked through this process, especially with parents working full-time jobs and helping their children with online learning.

– Remember that everyone is working hard and trying their best!

Plan your off-screen time

– Unwind with nature walks, spend a day at the park or an afternoon painting.

– Follow your child’s interest to engage them in activities.

– Use materials like books and toys to help your child learn off the screen.

Take care of your mental health.

– Give your mental health and your child’s mental health priority.

– Take the day off when you both need it!

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