Our Philosophy

the importance of Early Childhood Education

The early years of a child’s life are the foundation of his/her future development. Early Childhood Education delivers a strong base for learning abilities, such as cognitive and social development. Optimizing the early years of your child’s education is the best investment you can make in ensuring the success of their future.

The impact our ECE’s make is infinite. They have the responsibility of helping children learn emotional coping skills and key social skills. Group participation and cooperation, problem solving through compromise, and sharing are all important traits that children need to learn. Early Childhood Educators can help young minds develop curiosity and a strong sense of independence. Social, academic and behavioural skills that children develop in their early years are the precedent of how they view education throughout the rest of their lives.

Identify individual needs early

Early Childhood Educators can help parents identify a child’s needs and learning concerns early on.

As the education system continues to adapt to better assist students, the importance of focusing on special learning needs becomes more evident. Early interventions can help reduce the gap that so many children experience later on. By identifying learning difficulties sooner and finding the appropriate mediations from the start, the associated cumulative effects (academic difficulties, behavioural issues, and social and emotional shortfalls) can be reduced before they become rooted in a child’s way of processing and learning.

Our Philosophy

Early Childhood Educators will help gifted children excel.

ECEs will provide opportunities and challenges that engage academically advanced children in terms of creativity, memory, imagination and problem solving. They will work their way through complex concepts with their teachers to keep their interest and attention and motivate them through a more engaging and challenging curriculum.

Additionally, children who equate their academic performance with their self-worth often become perfectionists and struggle to maintain their own standards and often become angry, upset, or even depressed when they fail to meet expectations. Our Early Childhood Educators will teach their students the difference between person performance and their value as a human being, helping them embrace the learning experience their mistakes offer.

Little Oranges begins school with Pre-K and then continues elementary school through Grade 5. Our online program is based on the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum. All our teachers are Early Childhood Educators (ECE certified) and Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT).

Little Oranges provides basic French instruction to all Grades. Our teachers will communicate with their students in French on a daily basis, promoting a strong foundation and fluency.

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