Is Online Schooling For My Child?

When it comes to schooling online, many parents can be skeptical simply because that’s not how they went to school! But then again, traditional schooling is no longer what it used to be either. Here are 5 reasons why virtual education for your child can be fun, energizing, safe and extremely promising: 

Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Every child is unique when it comes to growth and development.
  • Traditional schooling expects every child to get through the material at the same speed, even if they need more time.
  • Virtual education allows students to enjoy individualized schooling, while meeting all board expectations. 

It’s a Promoting Environment for Introverts

  • If your child is a shy personality, crowded classrooms can be a little intimidating.
  • According to Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, author of The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child, biology is a factor! 
  • There isn’t much that we can do when it comes to the genetic makeup, but we can definitely work with the surroundings.
  • Introverts learn best by listening and observing. Thus, a quieter environment helps them focus and even contribute to classroom discussions. 

Distraction-Free Space

  • Traditional classrooms have only been increasing in the number of students.
  • In such a large crowd, the teacher is forced into directing her attention towards those children that exhibit disruptive behaviour. 
  • Online schooling allows teachers to focus on all the students – even the quiet ones!
  • A peaceful environment promotes learning and child development. 

 Safe from Bullying

  • Many parents are concerned about bullying in traditional schools.
  • With so many students assigned per teacher, it’s impossible to keep an eye out for everyone at all times.
  • With virtual schooling, parents are able to monitor the virtual environment of their children, keeping them safe from any kinds of abuse and harassment. 

 The Involvement of Parents

  •  Research indicates that parent-involvement can contribute significantly to a child’s performance at school.
  • With online learning, it gives the parent(s) constant opportunities to actively participate in their child’s education. 
  • It also allows parent(s) to learn early-on regarding their child’s weaknesses and become their coaches, encouraging and supporting them further on this lifelong journey.

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