Grade 1 to 5

Little Oranges offers a full-day program for the Grade 1 to Grade 5. Elementary students will be taught core subjects from the Ontario Curriculum that include Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education and the Arts.

Each day will begin at 8:45 am with a 30-minute Circle Time, where your child will have virtual interaction with their teacher and other students. The students will discuss subjects such as social studies, history and science to increase their general knowledge. After Circle Time, students will converse in French for 15 minutes. This daily practice will help in learning and speaking the language. Students will then follow a daily timetable and proceed through their day accordingly. During this time, the teacher is on video-call and provides live-instruction, help and feedback to all students, simultaneously.


Individualized Learning

We maintain a class ratio of 1:10 students, which allows the teacher to deliver individualized learning and planning for your child. Each new student will be assessed by the teacher for the level of their academic abilities, recognize strengths and weaknesses and to create a plan to guarantee your child’s progress.

Our online program delivers exceptional quality, allowing full day access to teachers through Google Meet video-chat and Google Classroom. The only necessary prerequisites are a Gmail address, Chrome internet browser, webcam and a microphone, all of which are easily accessible through desktop or laptop.



Sample Day Schedule



Day 1

8:45—9:15 am

Circle Time/individual reading

9:15—9:30 am


9:30—10:00 am

Language  (comprehensive reading/writing)

10:00—10:20 am


10:20—12:00 pm

Language (comprehensive reading/writing)

12:00—1:00 pm


1:00—1:40 pm

Social Studies

1:40—2:00 pm


2:00—2:20 pm


2:20—3:00 pm


3:00—3:15 pm

Cool down (Share something with class, write in your agendas, discuss tomorrow’s plans)

Instructional Hours

8:45 AM – 3:15 PM

Tuition Fees


First Day

September 8, 2020

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Little Oranges begins school with Pre-K and then continues elementary school through Grade 5. Our online program is based on the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum. All our teachers are Early Childhood Educators (ECE certified) and Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT).

Little Oranges provides basic French instruction to all Grades. Our teachers will communicate with their students in French on a daily basis, promoting a strong foundation and fluency.

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