Digital Reading Logs

At Little Oranges, we are an entirely online based school, which means that our teachers are online, our students are online and our materials are online. For those of you who have yet to experience the world of online learning, this can be an overwhelming experience.

I am here to make that easier by talking about Digital Reading Logs.

When creating a digital reading log, we first looked at the traditional reading log and wondered if they were really helping foster the love of reading in children. Ideally, we all want our children to read more at home and to really enjoy what they are reading. However, sometimes filling out a reading log can be tedious. Filling out the details on a reading log, using the correct punctuation, writing out the summary and recording their minutes does not necessarily mean that the child was enjoying their reading material.

Therefore, our digital reading focus more on the visual images of what they feel while they are reading and some supplementary comments to help explain the chosen visuals. For example, catering to the context the children are familiar it, for some days, the children might be asked to pick an emoji to show how they felt about it reading. The other days, the students can choose a simple thumbs up or a thumbs down if they don’t feel engaged by their book.

The goal of these digital logs is to nurture a love of reading and to help students identify with books that they enjoy.

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