Digital Reading Logs

At Little Oranges, we are an entirely online based school, which means that our teachers are online, our students are online and our materials are online. For those of you who have yet to experience the world of online learning, this can be an overwhelming experience. I am here to make that easier by talking … Read more

Teaching Using the Spiral Curriculum Approach

The Spiral Curriculum is based on a theory first introduced by Jerome Bruner in 1960. His approach hypothesized that as long as the material being taught was correctly structured and presented, even young individuals would be capable of learning it, despite its complexities. Spiral Curriculum is a teaching method where the student is constantly being … Read more

Is Online Schooling For My Child?

When it comes to schooling online, many parents can be skeptical simply because that’s not how they went to school! But then again, traditional schooling is no longer what it used to be either. Here are 5 reasons why virtual education for your child can be fun, energizing, safe and extremely promising:  Learn at Your … Read more

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