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A private online elementary school in Ontario for students in Ontario and around the world.

Little Oranges is the perfect combination of safety, convenience, and excellent learning. Join our school for an engaging online learning experience.



What Parents are Saying

I’m extremely happy and satisfied with Little Oranges Online School. The teacher is very patient and knows her content really well and keeps my 4 year old hyper kid attentive and enthusiastic about class everyday. Whenever we have trouble not being able to attend class the teacher/administration went out of their way and rescheduled for same day without us even asking. Above all my daughter loves her teacher and that was really important for me. You guys are doing a great job. 

Omaima Razzaq - Markham

My daughter is really enjoying Little Oranges Online School. I didn’t know if she would look forward to online school, but she is super excited to join classes every day. Ms.I is very good at keeping the kids engaged and teaching them. I am very pleased with the staff’s professionalism. 

Alia Zaki - Salt Lake, Utah

It is a real nice experience with Little Oranges. My son, Omar has enjoyed it so much. Though it is quite new to all of us, attending online classes with Miss K. is so interesting. I really appreciate her kindness and support to all the kids. It is evident that she has a passion for teaching, and I am glad she is strengthening her bond with the children day after day. I also liked the idea of weekly reports and feedback as well. I see it as professional work. 

Asmaa Salah - Calgary

“My daughter’s teacher was amazing! She really enjoyed her experience throughout and to my surprise, my 3-year-old daughter sat so well, without any tantrums for the individual, half an hour session. The session was nicely laid out. Thank you!”

Rafia Soomro - Hamilton

Inaaya enjoyed her classes at Little Oranges very much! The teachers are engaging and made the classes fun for Inaaya. She loved her interaction with other children and her teachers during Circle Time. The one-on-one sessions are well organized and teachers are able to recognize a child’s need and work with them at their pace

Dr Sabreena Sadat - Toronto

“I know it is a bit challenging to engage the kids online, but the teacher was amazing! My son is 4 years old and the individualized session was catered to his abilities and learning experience! We are very excited to continue our son’s education with Little Oranges.”

Jacqueline Chen - Toronto

“We really enjoyed the sessions! I love how patient and encouraging the teachers are! My daughter was hitting her midday tiredness, but the teacher managed to keep her engaged and active throughout the class!”

Sara Thompson - Toronto

Excellent Schooling During COVID-19



Little Oranges is a great alternative to provide safe and excellent schooling during the global pandemic of COVID-19. With a small student to teacher ratio, Little Oranges offers students the opportunity to excel academically in a nurturing and supporting environment.

Safety First

At Little Oranges, the safety of your child comes first. Our school operates through Google Classroom, a secure and safe system. Google does not collect or use any user personal information and promises to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data, protecting against any unauthorized access.

Face to Face

ECE Certified Teachers

Easy Access

Small teacher-student Ratio

Basic French Instructions



Ontario Curriculum

1-on-1 Learning

Our Classes


Pre-K to SK


Based on the Ontario Curriculum, our Pre-K to SK program provides personalized lessons and worksheets, a strong focus in literacy and math, and support for parents. Our ECE certified teachers will nurture and develop your child’s eager mind by encouraging them to become independent and explore the world around them, while feeling safe and inspired.

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Gr. 1 – 5


Elementary Students will be taught the Ontario Curriculum at their level and receive ongoing assessments of their progress.  With a strong focus on academics, the small teacher to student ratio will help students gain confidence and understand the fundamental concepts of literacy and math.  Google classroom will allow students to plan, share and collaborate on a safe and parent-approved platform.

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After School Program

Starting at $250/month

Our After School Program uses screen share technology through Google Classroom. Students work face-to-face with their teachers, who bring their unique classroom experience to virtual learning. With a strong focus on English, Math and French, our teachers employ their interpersonal communication skills to make online learning engaging, interactive and guarantee results!

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Who is this for?

Parents who aren’t ready to send their children back to school during the global pandemic of COVID-19 as well as parents who are looking for homeschooling options, but are not comfortable teaching on their own.

How does it work?

Students are required to have a working Gmail address. Students will sign into Google Classroom every morning, through a secure link, for a full day of learning and peer interaction.

Why Little Oranges Online School?

Have your children learn from the safety of your home. With face to face learning and additional 30-minutes of individualized teaching every week, parents will not have to compromise on the quality of their children’s education.

Little Oranges begins school with Pre-K and then continues elementary school through Grade 5. Our online program is based on the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum. All our teachers are Early Childhood Educators (ECE certified) and Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT).

Little Oranges provides basic French instruction to all Grades. Our teachers will communicate with their students in French on a daily basis, promoting a strong foundation and fluency.

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